Dear Friends:


As our communities take action to stop the spread of COVID-19 and classrooms,  Analytic Measures Inc. is joining forces with the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE), the United States Education Department (ED), and educators across the country to keep learning going. One small way we can continue to fulfill our mission to accelerate learning through the application of data science and technology during this difficult time is to offer our services to help K-5 teachers and students continue to measure and develop reading skills.


If your school or district is closed, please complete this form to get full access to Moby.Read, our fully automated, online oral reading fluency benchmark assessment system. Filling this form will give you access to Moby.Read until your school reopens. With Moby.Read, you can track your K-5 students’ reading skills remotely. Moby.Read automatically captures students reading aloud, retelling details, and answering questions in their own voice to reliably measure their oral reading fluency—reading level, accuracy, accurate rate (words correct per minute), comprehension, and expression. Teachers receive immediate insights into the student's reading and fluency level to enable them to both monitor trend data and guide individual instruction. Moreover, teachers can share audio recordings with students and parents to provide personalized performance feedback. At your convenience, you can try Moby.Read here


If you know of any schools or districts that may be affected, please share this message with them. We want to thank our Moby.Read customers and AMI partners who make it possible for us to make this offer. To find more resources that support remote teaching and learning, please visit ISTE or the United States Education Department.


Our AMI team is inspired by the work you’re doing to help our students and families navigate uncharted waters, and we are confident that by working together, we can help all our young readers continue to learn and grow.




Team AMI